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WordPress Website – Are You Protecting Your Asset? – wordpress database backup

In a previous life as a systems engineer protecting system data, having the resources to recover from a fatal melt down and frankly protecting clients from the headaches that come with lost data was a daily focus. As many of you reading this, my daily activities rely heavily on the performance of WordPress and its incredible reliability. To that point a significant chunk of my revenue is dependent upon WordPress performing as many of us take for granted.

Let me ask you as question: When was the last time that you backed-up your database? How about your site files?

Do you keep your WordPress up to date with the latest updates? How about any plugins that you make use of, do you keep them updated?

Let me tell you a quick little story.

A very good friend of mine uses WordPress as the foundation for his website and as you would expect WordPress has performed flawlessly. No real shocker there as that is the norm and pretty much what we have all come to expect.

However, as he and I were working together to prepare for a major email announcement that was being sent out for him (to 9000+ contacts) by a referral partner the unimaginable happened. With the anticipation of hundreds of people hitting his website because they were driven there by a highly reputable college we discovered that his website was not working properly.

To make matters worse neither of us had been making any updates to the site, no changes: no WordPress updates, no WordPress plugin updates, no site changes and yet, the site was displaying a solid white page. Even with a minor hint of panic setting in, I made up my mind that I would simply get into the admin section of the site to figure out what was going on.

This is where things got very interesting (meaning more panic) as I discovered that they admin interface was giving the same results as the public side of the site.

With a string of progressively more stressful events, we finally had some good news. A few weeks back I had setup the WordPress Database Backup plugin to automatically email me a copy of the database each day. That’s right, the extent of work that I have to do each day is simply save the backup that is waiting in the inbox of my email.

After opening my database management tool in the web browser, I uploaded a backup from a few days prior and we were back online. For what could have been a major disaster we were back online and running with a sigh of relief within about 20 minutes.

WordPress Database Backup (WP-DB-Backup) has a great admin interface that will allow you to make quick backups of your WordPress Database tables anytime that you are preparing to make updates, but more importantly and a feature I have not used consistently, the plugin will allow you to schedule backups that will be emailed to you on your schedule.

Even though the WP-DB-Backup plugin will allow you the option of saving the backup file to the server, I would strongly discourage you from leaving your database backups on the server. In a perfect world and if all is configured properly, then you or your technical support would be able to gain access to your database backups. However, in the middle of a major melt down I am not so sure that is a chance that you will want to take.

If you are running a WordPress website that contains important information that you would not want to lose or that website is an important component of your producing income, I would strongly encourage take a moment to check out the WordPress Database backup plugin (WP-DB-Backup).

Additionally, if you have plugin that has been useful to you in helping maintain your WordPress website please tell me about it as I am always looking for great new WordPress resources.

To Your Success!