The look and layout of the Arras WordPress theme resembles those of a magazine. The dominant colors are mainly black, gray and white and blue. If you want to see a preview of it, go to the official site of WordPress.


The creator of the Arras WordPress theme is Zyml.


- a number of features that can be customized

- a slideshow of the featured posts

- sidebar with multiple tabs

- various post layouts

- magazine style

- custom single meta fields for reviews


 It has 9 ratings, all of which are 5-star ratings. It also has a total of 19,894 downloads. These figures are as of June 15, 2009.

How to Download It

1.) Sign in to your account in WordPress.

2.) Click on the Extend tab, and then click on “Themes Directory”.

3.) Type “Arras” in the search form.

4.) Press Enter or click on the button labeled “Search Themes”.

5.) If several results are displayed, choose the one you want and click on Download.

Note: You need not be a member of WordPress to download the theme files.  You can download the Arras theme here.

How to Add a Custom Header

1.) Sign in to your blog.

2.) Click on the link labeled Theme Admin or Site Admin.

3.) Go to Presentation and click on “Custom Image Header”.

4.) Browse through your computer to look for the image you wish to use as header.

5.) If your image needs cropping, do the necessary arrangements and click Crop Header button once you are done.

6.) Click Upload.

You should see a message saying that your header was successfully changed.

7.) Refresh your page. Enjoy!

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