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WordPress Shopping Cart – WP eCommerce Admin Panel Overview – wordpress shopping cart

After you install the WP Ecommerce Plugins you will have a new Admin Panel called STORE under COMMENTS on the Main Admin Panel.

Clicking on this will reveal 7 sub-panels for the setup and general operation of the store.

The first sub-panel is SALES. This sub-panel has the current Get Shopped News and an overview of the store activity for the current month and the purchases from the store.

The next sub-panel is PRODUCTS. It is in this sub-panel where you will add and edit your products for the store. The left column is a display of the products you have added and the right column is for Adding new products and editing current products.

The next sub-panel is for CATEGORIES. This is where you will organize and group your products to helps customers find what they are looking for. You can group by CATEGORY or BRAND. Or both CATEGORY and BRAND.

The next sub-panel is VARIATIONS. This sub-panel is for options that are needed for ordering a product. For instance, a shirt may come in SMALL, MEDIUM, or LARGE. This is where you will make these options available for a customer.

The marketing sub-panel is for coupon creation, cross selling and your RSS feeds to keep customers informed of your products for sale.

The SETTINGS sub-panel is where you will be doing most of the initial setup for the store and where you make the changes that affect the appearance of your store. It is in this sub-panel that you set you tax and currency settings, how you present your store to your customer, how you communicate with the customer after the sale, how you set up your shipping options and shipping rates, what payments you will accept, and your checkout options for a sale. This sub-panel also has an import option for downloading products from a CVS file.

And finally the UPGRADES sub-panel. This is where you can upgrade you WP eCommerce plugin for additional features as you need them.

Initially you will spend most of your setup time in the SETTINGS sub-panel and when you have that set you will spend most of your time in the PRODUCTS sub-panel.

The other sub-panels will be there to change things as you expand your store.