Applications, whether in a mobile or otherwise, have evolved considerably since their original inception. Initially designed with novelty and fun in mind, modern applications are functional, purposeful and innovative, and ultimately enable individuals to work in a more productive and cost effective manner.

Google Chrome is a resource that boasts a huge range of apps, especially for freelancers who work on an independent basis and do not have access to a host of highly evolved tools. Whether you work as a website designer, hosting provider or freelance blog writer, there is bound to be an app to help you work in a more efficient and time effective manner.

The Top Five Google Chrome Applications for Freelancers

With this in mind, which Google Chrome applications offer the most value to users? Consider the following: -

  • Window Resizer: A free application, the Window Resizer was created to assist website designers who wish to test a proposed layout. Essentially, it is a tool that allows users to evaluate a layout with different window sizes without ever changing the screen resolution, which can save valuable time and ultimately money for busy designers. This application can even simulate the variable screen resolutions of different devices, including laptops, desktops and smartphone.
  • Google Dictionary: Communication is an important feature of working as a freelancer or independent contractor, especially those who are attempting to win new business in a competitive market. The Google Dictionary is therefore an important application, as it provides cutting edge definitions and relevant synonyms in abundance. It is also quick and easy to use, so that you can improve your comprehension of the written word with a minimum of fuss.
  • Speed Tracer: This application is a Google extension, which serves an especially useful purpose for website designers and developers. It is an analytical tool that evaluates the loading time of individual web pages and elements, so that users can compare times and identify any potential issues. It can also locate the exact cause of the problem, allowing you to resolve it almost immediately.
  • ScribeFire: If you are blog owner or write extensively for a specific website, then the ScribeFire application is an extremely relevant and purposeful one. By simply adding the blog or website in question to the apps extension settings, you are creating a platform from which you can publish content quickly and easily. Not only can text be generated and edited efficiently, but the application also allows for formatting and the uploading of relevant imagery or video footage.
  • Shareaholic: Freelancers who are constantly looking to develop and expand their service must take every opportunity to network, and promoting their work is a key part of this exercise. Shareaholic is a power sharing tool that is ideal for this exact purpose, as it provides a single, individual button through which links and content can be distributed across a multitude of preselected social media websites.

The Bottom Line

The majority of these applications allow users to save considerable time through the course of their work, which in turn translates into increased productivity and profitability. Even more importantly than this is the fact that these and other similar applications are downloadable for free, so that you need not invest an extortionate sum of money into maximizing your professional performance.

Guest post by Lewis Humphries, technology writer and blogger for

All the Apps can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store