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The Definition of a Good WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin – wordpress shopping cart

As you may already know there are many WordPress shopping cart plugins on the market; they come with a multitude of features, from email marketing integration down to PayPal payment systems integrations.

But what actually defines a successful shopping cart plugin? Well in my eyes it’s simple. You want something that works well with your website. Something that does not slow down your site and does not drain all of the resources available.

I have a lot of experience in dealing with WordPress shopping cart plugins that just do not perform, and in fact, inhibit my site’s abilities.

So, what are the most common features that you should be looking for?

1) It needs to have some form of payment integration. Whether it is Google Checkout or PayPal (the most popular ones), it needs to have the ability to process payments.

2) It needs to successfully integrate with your theme, otherwise, you could spend countless hours fixing the sections of the plugin that are not functioning.

3) A coupon/discount structure. This works because everybody likes a discount, so you can tie a discount into your sales pages.

4) Affiliate integration. We all know, affiliate marketers are the ones who can launch your products and increase the amount of sales you generate. So, why would you limit yourself by not having a shopping cart that can deal with affiliate commissions?

5) Email marketing integration. You want to keep your customers up-to-date with the latest information about your products and upcoming releases.

6) An integrated search feature. You want a plugin that will allow you to setup a shopping page (not just a cart option). This way you can allow users to access a store rather than a post.

7) As mentioned above, shopping list integration.

Personally, I believe that the most important feature you require, above all of these, is a plugin that allows you to have more than ten products in your shop. Some shopping cart plugins have restrictions on the amount of products you can sell at any given time. They should also allow you to do an up-sell, after all everyone likes to know they are receiving extra value for their money. As you can clearly see, this is just a small list of the key features that will enable you to have a successful online shop.

To sum up. Make sure you know exactly what the plugin offers, before you pay for it. Also check for reviews from the end users. You can also do this by checking the forums and support they offer.