by Buou

Social Networks, in the web world today, is really taking off. Though relatively a new aspect, it’s been the most happening place today. There are a big number of organizations, businesses, firms and communities that make use of social networking to communicate better with others, promote them, and their businesses as well as to get engaged with their audience. In this article, you will get to know about Drupal CMS to set up & manage a social networking website. This article tells you the way of managing users, roles and their permissions, about Gravatars and the way of enabling them, how users can track the activity of each other, how to extend user profiles, about settings and rules for users, how to give authenticated users a more relevant home page

Drupal, similar to other websites, does let users upload & get associated with their user account, either a photograph or an avatar to represent them, but it too comes with a few shortcomings that could be fixed using Gravatar.

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