Pingbacks are quite common in the blogging world. If you have a WordPress blog, odds are you are constantly receiving pingback requests from other blogs that have similar articles to yours and have already linked to your blog or a page on it. If this is the case, then a pingback is essentially a request for you to return the favor and place a return link to the blog that linked to you through the use of a pingback comment.

A pingback comment is an automated comment placed in the comments section of a post page that points to the web page that linked to you. This is a way to professionally acknowledge the links as well as point back to other articles that are similar and that may be of interest to your reader. In short, it is a link exchange, one of the oldest forms of internet traffic exchange. Link exchange can be very beneficial if you are trading apples for apples. However, if you are an article marketer, there is a disturbing phenomenon among autobloggers designed to syphon away your site’s trust and rank. How does it work?

It is a very simple process. In most article directories Terms Of Service (TOS), you will find a note stating that is a common courtesy to notify article marketers if you are syndicating their article to your site. Automated blogs are doing this through pingbacks. However, also in the article directories TOS, there is a note stating that the article remains unaltered upon publishing. This is not happening. Many autobloggers have been applying the nofollow attribute to syndicated article resource box links and then initiating a pingback. If the original article marketer has removed the nofollow attribute from their blog so as to promote dialogue and approves the pingback, then a nofollow link has been trade for a dofollow link and trust and rank has beed syphoned away from your blog.

For this reason, I check each and every pingback to see if the nofolow attribute has been applied to my article. If it has, I do not approve the pingback. If it hasn’t, I do approve the pingback.

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