World Health Organization (WHO) has carried out various studies to examine the side effects of electronic cigarette. And the results in September 2008, the WHO declared that electronic cigarette is safe and effective for daily consumption up to consumption therapies reduce / eliminate the conventional smoking addiction. Cigarette Health “E Health Cigarette” has gained certification of safe and friendly environment. Because of that, these are the reason for using that:

1. SAFE, free from – +4000 types of chemicals (as in traditional cigarettes) that cause lung cancer, brain, uterus, kidney, mouth, black and broken teeth, mouth odor, damage to blood vessels (the cause of heart failure and impotence). Remember: Menthol NOT CAUSE Impotence, but it caused damage blood vessels and nerves in the body.

2. Electronic cigarette 100% free of fire that burns and toxic fumes (CO, Hydrogen Cyanide, Methane, etc.) and stinging. Remember, passive smokers (who inhale your smoke traditional cigarettes) 3 x fold risk of developing cancer than your own.

3. Your FREE HEALTH smoke ANYWHERE because only produce artificial smoke and flames 100% SAFE & ODORLESS: no risk of fire and odor on clothes, hair and furniture. In this business, you will look a lot more polite and more ‘educated’ because HEALTH is: Environmentally Friendly and high-tech.

4. With the electronic cigarette, you prove that you love yourself, your family and other people care about (3 it is a form of worship is not it?)

5. Automatic e cigarettes are without insurance premiums for you and your family that will avoid you (& your family as passive smokers) from spending huge habis2nya not even that is not supposed to happen due to your continued traditional smoking that eventually cause cancer in your body .

Another advantage of the electronic cigarette is not harmful to others, commonly referred to as second hand smoke. They can still smoke in public places. Indeed, the electronic cigarette can really wear stylish and also not harm others. So, the electronic cigarette, you do not have to worry about the risk of lung cancer and other terrible diseases. Living healthy can still be done with the electronic cigarette.