Do you already know or have any idea about the Url Shortener services that we can find it easily at the internet nowadays? Well, as we know that there are so many URL Shortening services providers nowadays, we can see that almost all the major popular sites like Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and many more has their own shortening URL services. This phenomenon, of course cannot be separated from the function and use of short URL services that are very useful for internet users, especially in the era of social networking like today.

People need the shortening URL services like the primarily to facilitate them in sharing information about any things that they think it was interesting to share with their friends, relatives or their fans. This is done to shorten the number of letters from their posts on micro blogging sites like twitter and many other micro blogging sites that clearly limit the number of characters from their posts.

In this post I will try to review in more detail about one of the URL shortening services that just launched last month and quite interesting because it uses really brandable, catchy and easy to remember domain that they use to attract internet users to use their services. This site was GG.GG. Yes, it has almost the same function as the other URL shortening service on the internet; at GG.GG we can easily find the main functions of the URL shortening services like make very long URL to be short and easy to remember URL. And just quite same like the other also, at this URL shortening services, we can find two options that we can choose if we want to shorten the URL. The first one is we can use auto generate short URL that consist of a random letters and numbers as the URL and the last one is allowing us to customize our desired short URL with put our desired keyword for that specific webpage.

But if you are still curious about what distinguishes GG.GG with mostly URL shortener services on the internet is the url shortener chrome plugin and the url shortener Opera plugin which will facilitate us in using the URL shortening services from GG.GG. Yes, with just one click, we will able to shorten the long and hard to remember URLs into short and easy to share URL. Of course this would be a plus point for GG.GG in the internet user’s eyes, especially for those who prefer using Chrome and Opera browser.