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Make Money Using Feedburner – feedburner

Why Feedburner?

Feedburner is a fantastic tool for all internet marketers to make money online. It help to promote, send and make money with their contents on the Web. It burn long RSS feeds to make it short, work just like tinyurl. Feedburner has the largest feed and blog advertising network. It provide stats and many creative ways for you to promote your contents. Best of all, it’s FREE.

Go to feedburner.com, create a free account and login. Add your blog’s feed and activate it. Go to my feeds and select your added feed which you’ve just burned earlier.

Then you come to a page where it show your feed’s detail. Select optmize tab, click feedflare. Here you can let your subscribers help you distribute your contents easily. It appears similar to my post footer like this:

“Subscribe to this feed | Technorati Links | Save to del.icio.us” ..etc

Simply just activate the feedflare service, follow the steps given, add a footer and you are done. If someone links from this services you provided on your blog, Google will index your site even faster. Easy?

Make full use of “Publicize” too. I’ll explain to you some commonly used services. For headline animator, it display rotating headlines of your blog. Place an email subscriptions box for your subscibers to get your feeds update easily via email.

Add up to 5 more ping sevices at pingshot to notify them after you post. Notice a huge number of subscribers to your blog? Show off your feed circulation with feedcount. Chose the biggest orange RSS logo using chicklet chooser to spot your feeds for easy subscriptions.

Play around to familiarize with other tabs as well.

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