Joomla Contact Form : Joomla Ajax contact form is  an  awesome contact form module for your Joomla website, which you can activate it any module position and have your joomla ajax form and running in no time. Its highly configurable and compatible with all the versions of Joomla. This contact form works with AJAX submit, so the form gets submitted without refreshing the page.
You can also style the form to any style, matching your website colors and template. You can choose from 25 web 2.0 fonts (Google Fonts Support) for your form module. 
This comes with 10 awesome submit buttons . You can simply select the send button style and refresh your frontend. 
Here are some brilliant functionality of the modules
1 –  Inbuilt google map (enable/disable) .
2 – User can add any email id to get the details from ajax contact form.
3 – Module has two positions . you can display in top-left as well as in top-right.
4 – Custom Thank You Message.
5 – Working in all Browsers .
1. Extension ZIP Package
2. Unlimited Domain Usage
3. One Year FREE Support
4. FREE Documentation
5. FREE Installation
Some Awesome Features
1) Typical Contact Form with fixed fields
2) AJAX Contact Form Submit Feature
3) Define Admin Email for email sending
4) Built in 25 Web 2.0 fonts
5) Built in 20 awesome Submit Buttons
6) Highly configurable
7) Compatible with all the Joomla Versions

Very useful module for those of you that use Joomla.

Using AJAX technology, the whole process is performed without need for page refresh, making it very quick and user friendly.

Special Features:

• Ajax powered form (no need to reload the page);
• Up to 10 Custom fields (checkbox, radio button, select list, text, and multiple text (textarea));
• Can send to several emails at the same time;
• Captcha verification system, powered by MathGuard;
• Ability to limit the quantity of characters in the message field;
• It uses MooTools (Joomla’s default Javascript Library) to validate the form;
• It will get your users IP Address, Browser, Operating System and Screen resolution
• If the user is logged in this script will get the name and email recorded in database, preventing the user to mistype his email
• Fast and reliable;
OpenSource AJAX Contact is powered by MooTools, a Javascript Library, which is needed for the ajax functionality and for the form validation. MooTools is the same library that Joomla uses, therefore there is no need to include a lot of files and the result is a very light weight module.
It is compatible with Joom!Fish and languages that requires non-English characters like ( Â,É,Ì,Õ,Ü …).


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