how to install wordpress

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How to Install WordPress the Easy Way – how to install wordpress

WordPress is simply an amazing program. It’s free, open source, constantly growing, incredibly flexible and expandable, hugely powerful, always improving and allows even the beginner to create amazing blogs and websites. The problem is installing the darn thing. When I first started messing around with websites and blogs I wasted so much time trying to learn about installing programs I almost went nuts. Then I found the secret. Don’t do it the hard way.

The Headache

My first attempt at manually installing WordPress was like getting beaten with a stick. I was scared, had no idea what was going on and I just wanted it to stop. Looking back it seems foolish it was such a difficult task to accomplish but at the time I was totally new to this world and found it very difficult. It was after fighting through it few times that I discovered a magical thing called “One Click Install” and the rest, as they say, is history.

To be fair doing the manual install really is pretty easy, can be done in less than 10 minutes and is a great learning experience. But you can do it in 30 seconds with the One Click Install. It’s true you won’t learn anything about the ins and outs of the process. And yes, the diehards out there will say you should do it manually so you understand the software you’re using…and they are right. But, seriously, it’s just really easy to do it the easy way.

What you need to Install WordPress

Crash course time: When you are looking to create a self hosted WordPress website you will need a domain name, a hosting account and the WordPress software. A domain name you get from a Domain Registrar. A hosting account is nothing more than space you rent on a server. A server is nothing more than a computer that can be accessed from the internet.

The Magic

When you are looking at different hosting accounts you want to make sure whatever host you decide to go with offers “One Click WordPress Install.” Look for it, call it by name, and don’t accept anything less. Now, once you’ve got your domain name and a hosting account you’re going to do, basically, two things. First you’re going to “add” your domain to the hosting account (see the directions in your control panel). Secondly you’re going to install WordPress. The “One Click Install” process will automatically install the WordPress software on your brand new hosting account. It takes about 30 seconds. You fill in a few fields (like creating a password, etc) and click “Install.” Bam. WordPress is installed. You may now blog until your eyes fall out. It’s that easy.

Take Away

I’ve done it both ways and, if you’re as new to this stuff as I was when I started, I suggest the One Click Install. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’ll get your website or blog installed and running in no time. Get to it.