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How to Create Your Gravatar? – gravatar

Gravatar is one of the easiest things to do and it takes only a few minutes for you to finish on your own. But then we wonder why so many bloggers who spending hours on the net do not seem to take advantage of this.

You should first of all know what Gravatar is. Open any blog and go to the comments posted. On any one of the comments when you open to view you will see an image displayed there.

People who take some time to go through this feature, make their own gray cartoon like figure within a matter of few minutes, which is their custom made Gravatar.

Gravatar gives you an opportunity to give a identity for your self on the internet in a pictorial form other than just text or words form. This allows people to accept you more easily and relate with you immediately. The communication definitely gets more identifiable and specific when communicating to the recognizable identify of the person.

Getting your own Gravata is pretty easy and takes only a few minutes. You can either download any symbol or picture that you like from the internet or alternatively you can use your real picture or any logo and attach it to the email address that you are using to post the comments.

Using a Gravator helps create your own identify and brand image. It opens up the communication channel where in more and more people are able to recognize and related with you very easily and your brand image gets built automatically.

With the size of the image allowed being very small, your picture or symbol selection would have to be done taking this into consideration. You must ensure that the picture looks complete. If you wish to use your own picture, then use a close up which fills the frame perfectly.

You can use your picture on some other software to correct, edit it and work on the features to make it look perfect. Then when you are happy with the final picture, you can import it and use it easily.

Before you get started with your next blogging session, you can take a few minutes to do this simple task and get yourself a brand new identity.