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How To Create Gravatrs For WordPress Comments – gravatar

Creating your own Gravatar is a fast, free and easy task that for some reason the masses of the blogging community are not taking advantage of.

Initially let us begin with what they are. If you are looking at the comments posted on blogs, on the left side of the comment there is an image.

Most often you will see a gray cartoon looking figure because the person making the post never took a small amount of time to set up his or her own custom Gravatar.

It’s critical in marketing to let people put a name to a face. It promotes trust and allows them to connect with you deeper. When people feel you are a friend and can trust you they are far more likely to do business with you.

Your end is EASY, get a free account, upload an image of yourself and attach it to which ever email address you use when you are posting a comment.

A simple step like this has the ability to increase your online presence one hundred times more than it is, you only have to create and connect a Gravatar once to make a big effect on your personal brand.

For the type of image you use, stick with a close up. Perhaps that may make you a little uncomfortable, yet it is necessary because the picture itself is so tiny.

It was written in this article that all you have to do is set up a free account to create one yet you also could use a piece of software or a WordPress plug in to create the image and increase your social media foundation.

So go make your Gravatar today! It is easy, free and only takes a few minutes one time.