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How Often Should You Backup Your WordPress Database? – wordpress database backup

Have you ever wondered how often it is really necessary to make a full backup of your WordPress database?

There is no answer that is completely right, though the more often the better, especially if you are running a blog as a business. Your best results will be most dependent on how often your content tends to get updated, as well as how consistently there are changes made to the site architecture itself.

A multi-author site, or site that has heavy traffic and is updated several times a day, receiving massive numbers of comments might need to have backups scheduled every hour on the hour. On the other hand, a smaller site with minimal changes could easily survive on just one backup per week.

For the majority of WordPress blogs, one daily database backup will suffice, and an hourly backup could even but an unneeded strain on the server, especially at busy times of the day.

Folders within the WordPress framework harboring files such as content, themes and plugins need regular backup on a consistent basis. If you only make changes to your theme or plugins once in a blue moon, and rarely upload media (if at all), then you can survive with less frequent backups.

It doesn’t matter how often you decide to backup your WordPress database and all its associated files, but it is important that you have some sort of backup solution in place to protect you from the unforeseen and potentially disastrous.

And if you plan to make any changes to your site, make sure you have a backup beforehand!