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Get a Gravatar and Show Yourself Online – gravatar

OK, I know most of my readers have a Gravatar, however there are still a few of you out there that can’t be bothered getting a Gravatar or don’t know how.

Why do you need one? When branding yourself online you don’t want to half do the job. It’s time to go all the way! A Gravatar is a globally recognised Avatar that follows you from site to site. So when you make a post or leave a comment you leave your Gravatar, your picture… or the image you are portraying online. Having a Gravatar will leave your brand where ever you go which is extremely advantageous when you want to leave your mark and be remembered. For some readers it can also be a sign of transparency and trust.

Building your Brand Building your brand means implementing many different strategies and you would be on the right track with a great image of yourself. It really does pay to have a professional photo to snap you at your best angle. You don’t want to be posting a photo all over the internet that brands you as an amateur, people simply won’t take you seriously. When building your brand you will probably start with sites like Facebook, Twitter and the many business and social networking sites online, then you will connect all these sites back to your blog. Once you have this all set up including your Gravatar on your blog, it will all start to make sense to you. People will start seeing your image everywhere and this is when they will start to relate to you. Simple things like posting a comment on another person’s blog, their Facebook wall or on Twitter or Linkedin. They will then start to recognise you from your photo and you will have another follower on your blog and possibly a potential customer.

So, you can see why your image is so important for branding yourself online and projecting a professional look and brand for you and your business. The more your image is seen online the more people will follow you and the more they will want to know more about you and consequently this could possibly lead to a potential business partner.

People don’t want to do business with a faceless person.

If you have a blog, get a Gravatar and show yourself online. What are you waiting for!! IT’S FREE!