If you were looking for some effective strategies to get the search engines to send you fresh, targeted traffic to your website, blogging would be an excellent choice.


Because blogs give the search engine spiders just what they’re looking for: A constant stream of fresh, new content filled with permalinks and targeted keywords. And what are spiders? They’re the search engine robots that “crawl” the internet and decide how relevant your content is, and how it’s going to be ranked.

Here are some important things for you to consider when posting your blog to ensure that the search engines will give you the best possible ranking.

1. Make sure your title is relevant. Because the search engines tend to place extra emphasis on the title, make sure it accurately describes your article. After all, the title is the thing that will determine whether or not you article will get read. Before you make a post, think about consider the subject you’re writing about. Use a title that contains a targeted keyword phrase that best describes your subject. If possible, stay away from phrases that have been overused and try to come up with a keyword that the “spiders” are not so familiar with. Use the Google keyword search tool for help.

2. Emphasize the most important things. Whenever possible, use the same keyword in the body of your article that you use in your title. In other words, your title must accurately reflect your article content or the search engines will consider your article irrelevant. It also helps to bold some of the keywords. And make sure you “hyperlink” your major keyword in the body of your article.

Don’t try to “fool” the search engines by being redundant with keywords. they’re pretty smart too. The most important thing is to make sure every post is relevant to your reader.

3. Think like the search engines.I know that sounds a bit silly. Search engines don’t actually think.But my point is that it’s important that you use the all the tools available to you to research all relevant keywords before you write the article. And don’t use shortcuts when it comes to choosing keywords. Direct words that go right to the point will get you the best results and bring more traffic to your blog.

4. Choose the right keyword. There are many tools that will help you choose the most relevant keywords for your article, as I mentioned above–the ones that your readers most often search for. For example, if your article is about “automobiles,” a keyword search will help you decide if “cars” would be a better choice. The keyword tools I use most often are Word Tracker, Google and Overture.

Remember, these are just a few of the guidelines you can use to make your blog posts more search engine friendly. But also remember not to get obsessed to the point that you are writing for the search engines. The important thing, again, is to direct your message to the people who will be reading your article -not the search engines.

The bottom line: Give the search engine spiders fresh, targeted, keyword-rich content and you’ll be on your to driving laser-targeted traffic to your blog and maximizing your sales and profits.

To your success,

Mike Griffith

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