The best way of increasing organic traffic is by writing targeted copy by implementing techniques of proper search engine optimization. There are several SEO tools that are present in the market today, which make content writing quite an easy task. These SEO tools can help in:

  • Find the desired keywords.
  • Write about targeted copy.
  • Increases conversions by applying split testing of a copy to determine the effectiveness.
  • Write the exact metadata and give proper description.
  • Tracking down content that got plagiarized from a specific website.

Google’s keyword tool: It is a free keyword research tool found in the market and it is the best. This is an indispensable tool for helping writers formulate their content writing strategies by researching the number of searches both global and local for a particular keyword. This tool also allows viewing competitive nature of the keyword. The golden rule is to always go for keywords that are reasonably popular and have lower competition.

Google Optimizer: This is an exceptional tool for site testing and optimization. It increases the value of existing websites and traffic, by testing site content and design. Several versions of an individual page can be displayed to different visitors by this tool. Google Analytics can measure the effectiveness of each version and determines which version is the most effective.

PHP Dir Submit: A directory submission tool made for submitting websites, articles and social bookmarks. It’s web based script that can be installed on any web server that has PHP 5.

Copyscape: It is a plagiarism checker that can check if anyone is stealing content and can report to Google for penalty.

Optimization of search engines is a necessary considering the amount of time modern men and women spend n search engines. By helping writers get the right SEO tools makes the task very affordable and saves a lot of time.