Internet marketing without the proper tools is like swimming with your shoes on! Yeah, you can do it but it will be so much harder than it has to be! Just as so many marketers before me, I have spent some serious money trying to find my way to the path of efficient marketing. So, today I want to save you a few bucks and tell you about a few programs and marketing tools that DO NOT SUCK. Actually, most of these are requirements if you want to save time and increase your revenue. Internet marketing is all about leveraging your time and resources to get 1000 hours of work done in less than an hour. So here we go: (ignore my cheesy analogies, they are for my own entertainment!)

1. AWeber – I would really be surprised if anyone reading this post is not familiar with AWeber, but if you’re not, get it. AWeber is one of the most reliable autoresponder systems available. A marketer without an autoresponder is like sending a message via pigeon express!

2. MLSP – My Lead System Pro is an awesome resource for training and setting up an affiliate funnel for 18 multiple streams of income. MLSP turns you into a person of value! This is critical in attraction marketing. You can attract more bees with honey as you can attract more prospects with value. If you are trying to build a business without high quality team and an affiliate marketing funnel then you are fishing without bait!

3. Bookmarking Demon – This is by far the best bookmarking software I have come across. This is basically a program that creates massive links, trackbacks and pingbacks for your articles, blog posts and webpages. Bookmarking Demon will create up to 5 profiles for you, automatically post to over 100+ bookmarking and social media sites, camouflage your postings to avoid you getting banned, autocrawl RSS feeds and much more, all at the click of one button.


4. Traffic Geyser – If you are using video marketing and you are not using Traffic Geyser you are wasting your time. This simple program will turn one video and turn it into 100+, giving you massive exposure and best of all LINKS! Check it out… they usually offer a $ 1 trial for the first 3 weeks.

5. MLM Launch Formula (by Mark Hoverson & Jonathan Budd) – Although this program temporarily unavailable, it will change your business completely. This is the exact system that Jonathan Budd used to sponsor 90+ reps into his business in 3 days! The MLM Launch formula takes long term strategies and strategically condenses them into a powerful one or two week time frame. This is designed to generate massive interest and quality responses to your business, products or services. Every top internet marketer uses this strategy…. more to come.

6. Traffic Formula 2.0 – By far, one of the most effective courses I have ever purchased to grow my business. Mike Dillard’s Traffic Formula 2.0 is a contemporary revision of the original Traffic Formula program. This course will show you how to generate a massive amount of leads from virtually every traffic source available online. Additionally, it will show you how to convert that traffic and MONETIZE BABY! I saved the best for last!

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